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Musang King Durian makeup by Elianto Malaysia, a world first

May 05, 2018

Malaysian cosmetics brand Elianto Make Up just created a Durian Musang King makeup collection, a world first.

No one saw this coming, but a Malaysian beauty brand has created a durian-flavoured makeup collection that will wake up your senses – and give Malaysians a chuckle!

And, it’s not just any durian, it’s the King of all fruits – the Durian Musang King, a sought-after fruit by durian lovers for its deep yellow flesh and beautiful flavour.

This Malaysian feat is a first in the world, so durian lovers or anyone curious enough will now be able to get their hands on durian flavour infused makeup.

The Elianto Durian Musang King collection comprises rich yellow colours, inspired by the fleshy durian, for its lip care, lip colour, highlighter and mono eyeshadows.

Elianto is derived from the word sunflower in Italian, and the brand is inspired by the unique combination of striking beauty and utility symbolised by the flower.

“We wanted to approach makeup in a fresh, playful and daring way. By introducing a unique collection like Elianto Durian Musang King, we are celebrating individuality and diversity. Makeup has no boundaries, it gives women the freedom to express themselves,” says Teo Ai Siong, managing director and brand owner of Elianto Make Up.

“Elianto is marketed as a masstige beauty brand and offers a wide range of premium cosmetics at an affordable price,” Teo adds.

The brand utilises botanical extracts and all the products are fully imported from Switzerland, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan and Germany.

The Elianto Durian Musang King collection comprises rich yellow colours, inspired by the fleshy durian.

By now you would probably be licking your lips and to help you “taste” this thorny fruit, the Elianto Durian Musang King Lip Care SPF18 is infused with durian scent and comes in a pinkish and yellow shade, while the Elianto Durian Musang King Lip Colour is a creamy and lightweight matte lip colour.

Fans of matte eyeshadow will love the ultra soft textures of the Elianto Durian Musang King Eyeshadows that comes in Cocoa and Yellow shades.

For a radiant complexion the Elianto Durian Musang King Highlighter lights up your face with a dewy glow courtesy of the yellow tinted powder.

Oh, and in case that’s not enough to tickle you, the collection also includes the Elianto Durio Bloom EDP fragrance – described as a refreshing yet woody scent.

So, now you don’t have to wait for durian season, this scent will remind you of your favourite durian all year round!

Source: The Nation


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