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Jewellery brand releases durian miniature gold charms

Jewellery brand Poh Kong has released a variety of gold durian charms. If there’s one fruit that unites everyone in the Southeast Asian region, it’s durian.

Apart from attracting flocks of fans, durians have also inspired acts of kindness. It is truly the king of fruits for a reason.

Now, a jewellery brand from Malaysia is paying homage to the durian in a whole new way — by immortalising it as a gold charm.

Poh Kong Jewellers recently caught the eye of durian and jewellery lovers alike when it rolled out miniature gold durian charms.

To add to the charms’ intricacy, they even open up to reveal a pair of seeds which are also crafted from gold.

Malaysian jewellery brand goes viral on TikTok for gold durian charms

On Monday (12 Jun), Malaysian jewellery retail chain Poh Kong Jewellers unveiled its latest gold offering on TikTok.

The brand, which is best known for its gold products including jewellery, showed off a highly detailed miniature durian charm. No bigger than a fingertip, the charm is a perfect replica of the real deal with spikes all over the ‘husk’.

Better still, the charm opens up to reveal a pair of seeds within, which are also made of gold. Completing the charm is a loop on top, which allows the wearer to attach it to a bracelet or necklace.

True to its name, the gold durian charms charmed viewers right away. At the time of writing, the video has garnered more than 600,000 views. It even appeared to have converted some non-durian lovers, as one said that they like this kind of durian although they don’t normally consume it.

A few also jokingly asked how much the durian costs in terms of actual fruit pricing, like this viewer who enquired about the durian’s price per kilogram. The many enthusiastic enquiries about the durian’s price — both genuine and tongue-in-cheek — prompted Poh Kong itself to reveal the charm’s price, which is about RM999 (S$290).


June 14, 2023



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