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Japanese restaurant launches delicious durian-flavored ramen

There’s nothing more comforting than a bowl of warm soup. Most places would use cream or milk to add some creaminess to the broth, but Menya Shishido is taking it to the next level. On 15 May 2023, the ramen restaurant located in Petaling Jaya, took to their Instagram to announce their latest creation— durian ramen.

Durian crepes? Delicious. Durian with sticky rice? Otherworldly. Durian with ramen? Questionable.

The broth is a combination of their Signature Tonkotsu Soup and real durian. According to Menya Shishido, this makes for a creamy soup that compliments their ramen. This dish is then topped with a piece of chasu, an egg, spring onions, and of course, more durian.

Priced at RM40, the durian ramen is served in an actual durian husk that’s been cut open. So, my advice to the adventurous and brave would be to bring a pair of safety goggles and protective gloves to avoid getting poked by the thorns. Or you could just ask for a separate bowl.

Menya Shishido is one of the most creative and bold restaurants in town, and they are certainly no stranger to experimental flavours. In Feb 2023, they introduced their limited edition croissant ramen that paired their Black Garlic Curry Soup with a buttery, flaky croissant. For Valentine’s Day, they came out with chocolate ramen to bring a sweet, cocoa touch to their savoury broth. Prior to that, they had nasi lemak dry ramen in 2020, and matcha ramen in 2021.

You might be thinking “Who would eat this?”. Well, the first day the durian ramen became part of the menu, the eatery posted an Instagram story at 4pm that stated that they had already run out of the limited edition item. They could only resume serving it to customers after 6pm, as they needed some time to prepare more durian husk bowls.


May 19, 2023



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