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Musang King durian liquer launched by Mujestic

Arguably the most prized of all produce in Southeast Asia, durian is famed for being delicious. Its soft, yielding custard texture and intense flavour that blends sweet, savoury and creamy all at once are to die for. Could anything be better?

In recent times, durian liqueur has been gaining popularity. The Mujestic Musang King Durian Liqueur is perhaps a dream come true for durian-obsessed peeps.

Mujestic is proof that you can put durian in anything, and the result will be perfect. It is made from 100% delicious premium Musang King durian flesh, one of the most expensive and well-known durians in the world.

Mujestic uses the latest technology and skills to create a smooth, elegant full-body durian liqueur with a lengthy sweet aftertaste.

The result is a lovely and satisfying alcoholic beverage unforgettable for drinkers with an adventurous palate.

Mujestic is distributed by Luen Heng (LH), one of the leading retailers and online alcohol delivery service companies in the industry.

According to LH, Mujestic is inspired by the local people’s time-honoured tradition of durian fermentation.

Nature’s Superfood With Every Sip

Durian is widely celebrated for its long list of health benefits, which include the ability to:

  • Boost the immune system.

  • Prevent cancer and inhibit free radical activity.

  • Improve digestion.

  • Strengthen bones.

  • Improve signs of anaemia.

  • Prevent premature ageing.

  • Lower blood pressure.

  • Protect against cardiovascular diseases.

Not forgetting that durian is a rich source of fibre, vitamin C, potassium, and B vitamins.

It’s also packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds like quercetin, ​​kaempferol, and luteolin.

Durian may also help you sleep better.

The higher your levels of melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep cycles, the better you sleep.

Durian contains tryptophan, an essential amino acid that is required to increase the levels of melatonin.

So eating a seed of durian or a drink of the King of Fruits may help you sleep better.


October 15, 2022

The Rakyat Post


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